Eurasian Water Milfoil Management Plan


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 This Site: the Malcolm & Ardoch Lakes Landowners' Association web site is provided to enhance communications for the landowners of Malcolm and Ardoch Lakes, Ontario, Canada.  The Malcolm & Ardoch Lakes Landowners' Association (MALLA)  became an association in June 2007.

 Our Mission: is to ensure we effectively manage our environment in and around Malcolm and Ardoch Lakes to meet the

 needs of our members and visitors alike.

 Our Goals: to provide ongoing support to our membership and promote the preservation of the environmental and cultural   qualities of the lakes we shall:

  •  Increase Association membership
  •  Provide public awareness and education
  •  Represent MALLA at all  levels to promote environmental responsibility and environmentally friendly economic development
  •   Enhance Association social activities
  •   Engage more members in MALLA Committees
  •   Maintain an effective and enduring Lake Stewardship Plan
  •   Proactively work with other lake/landowners' associations
  •   Proactively work with the North Frontenac Council 

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