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​Please note that the `Love Your Lake`Report is now ready for all landowners.  If you have not already received a letter from Watersheds Canada, please contact Heather Murphy of Watersheds Canada at 613-264-1244.

Malcolm Lake Aquatic Plant Map

​2015 Septic Report

Identify your Catch​

   Plevna/Ardoch Business Directory

   Build a Bat Box 

MNR Bear Tips

Ministry of National Resources (Boating, Hunting and Fishing Regulations)

North Frontenac Township (Building Regulations, etc)

Federation of Ontario Cottages Association

Ice In and Out History Chart

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2015 Septic Report Summary

Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority

Report Resource Abuse

​1-877-TIPS-MNR (847-7667)

Boat Card 2016

OTF Meeting March 2016, Dr. Vermaire's report

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​Water testing results - Malcolm Lake


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