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To view the complete Background Document to the Lake Plan, please click here.  PLEASE NOTE that this document is undergoing constant review and updating.  When updates are available they will be updated on this site as well.    Last update done on  August 25, 2016.

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Preliminary work for the Lake Plan began in 2012 when the Malcolm and Ardoch Lakes Landowners' Association executive were asked for information related to the water quality of the two lakes. Some information was available through the Ministry of the Environment Lakes Partner Program due to the efforts of Ron Higgins for Malcolm and Ruth Cooper for Ardoch Lake who conducted water sampling to provide Secchi data. A second source was the five year sampling rotation conducted by Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority. The implications of water quality and water levels initiated discussions about the need for consistent monitoring on the lakes.

A Committee was formed under the leadership of Ron Higgins and topics beyond water quality were identified. A land development proposal for Ardoch Lake became an urgent matter and the Lake Plan was delayed.

At the Malcolm and Ardoch Lakes Landowners Association Annual General Meeting in June 2013, there was renewed interest in the Lake Plan. Many from the original planning committee committed to contribute; all of these members are seasonal residents. No leader came forward at that time. MALLA executive intended to survey all land owners from the lakes to guide their efforts for the coming term. Thus, a decision about the Lake Plan was postponed until survey results were available.

In the spring of 2014 a Chair who is a permanent resident - Brenda Martin - was identified and she accepted the position and planning began again. Meetings were concentrated between end of May and mid-October. All members use technology as a major communication device; much consultation is via e-mail; deadlines for tasks are set and the process proceeds.

Report on the Drone Survey done September, 2017.

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A much shorter Executive Summary of this report is also available.

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